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Untethered - Episode 1 - Meet the Untethered Generation

Untethered | Highline Documentary | Official Trailer

"Untethered" for Tevis Talks, "Unbranded Documentary" Spoof

Unravel the mystery of Untethered, a Daydream exclusive and quirky episodic VR series mixing comics and radio drama, into a videogame you can talk to. Using your own voice to talk to characters, and your trusty laser pointer arm to interact with the world, you join the story and piece together what’s happening in a coastal Oregon town of honest hardworking folks where everything feels a little too unbelievable.

If you could live inside a classic radio drama, talk to its invisible characters and interact with the environments the story painted in your mind, you might find yourself in a world like Untethered.

Who is the man leaving voicemails? What is he looking for? What exactly is this atmospheric phenomenon everyone is talking about? With each new episode, explore new locations and meet new characters, as you unravel the mysteries of Untethered.

DISCLAIMER: Untethered uses Google-based speech recognition, but currently supports English language only. For the best experience, you must have reasonably clear English speaking ability.

First official release!